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Metal Detox Kit

Metal Detox Kit

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Our Heavy Metal Detox Kit includes Heavy Metal Detox, Detox Support, and Lipo Glutathione. 

Heavy Metal Detox

Dose: 2 capsules three times per day; 6 total

Supports the body’s natural clearance of toxic metals without feeling sick following the detox process. This supplement is especially important for those with mercury fillings. This formula helps bind to mercury and other toxins so they can be safely eliminated from the body.

Detox Support

Dose: 2 capsules one time per day with a meal

Detox Support helps dislodge mercury and other toxins from the tissues. Combats damaging free radicals while helping to support the immune system and detoxification of heavy metals and other harmful compounds. Especially essential following mercury filling removal.

Lipo Glutathione

Dose: 2 pumps three times per day; 6 total

Glutathione is especially important following mercury removal as it fuels detoxification pathways, including transporting mercury out of the brain and other organs. Detox Support and Glutathione work together: Detox support is the bullet that destroys and dislodges the toxins from the tissues, and glutathione is like the taxi cab that drives the toxins out of the body.

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